A critical area for our company is our strict adherence to global Social Accountability Standards. Our clients are among the most socially responsible corporate citizens and rely on us to maintain equally impeccable standards in the way we manufacture their products.

For this reason, we are committed to conducting business in an open, honest and ethical manner. This includes not only upholding all laws in the places where we do business, but also maintaining transparent and fair relationships with government entities and public officials.

All our factories are self-monitoring to ensure adherence to all local laws. In addition, we regularly participate in third-party audits and inspections to certify compliance to the standards set by our global clients. Safe working conditions, fair compensation, responsible management and opportunity for employees to thrive and succeed are all part of the way we do business.

It is not possible to work with the largest cosmetic companies in the world without 100% agreement, participation and cooperation in this area. We proudly do all three.

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